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Wilka Sowa Accounting Services

The main subject of my activity is the provision of broadly understood accounting and payroll services, mainly for business entities, under concluded cooperation agreements, but also for physical entities (settling PITs)

In addition, due to my extensive professional experience in financial institutions, I offer financial services consisting in the sale of credit and insurance products for companies and individuals. The sale takes place in cooperation with selected financial intermediaries.

I have extensive experience in finance, certified by certificates. I worked 15 years in large financial institutions.

As part of the broadly defined financial services, I offer:

  • keeping a tax book of revenues and expenditures,
  • keeping records for companies settling according to a lump sum on revenues,
  • keeping accounting books,
  • HR and payroll services,
  • additional financial and accounting services.



MON-FR: 08.00 - 16.00
SATURDAY: 9.00 - 14.00
Phone: 730 997 500 biuro@sowaonline.eu Łódź,
ul. Tatrzańska 31/35 lok. 139